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In the spotlight: The Smurfs x Star Sock

Once upon a time, the famous blue Belgian Smurfs exchanged their mushroom-like houses in Smurf Village for the Star Sock office. This is when we launched our official Smurfs collection with twelve pairs in three types of Smurfs socks: The casual collection, the storytelling collection and the premium collection. 

The casual collection

The casual collection consists of kids’ socks with prints of some popular Smurf characters doing their daily activities. The casual socks have colours from the classic Smurf colour scheme with Smurf blue as the main colour. The socks are made with BCI cotton and GRS polyester. 

Supporting Healthy Seas 

The storytelling and premium Smurfs collection have the Supporting Healthy Seas quality mark. Supporting Healthy Seas is a platform created by Star Sock for private label and brands. Socks with this special label are made of recovered fishing nets from the ocean and BCI cotton. These socks support the Healthy Seas foundation and by that, contribute to cleaning up our seas: A healthy and sustainable product.

The storytelling collection 

The storytelling collection is a translation of the popular Smurf comics available in sizes 26-30, 31-35, 36-40 and 41-46. Each colourful sock in this collection tells a different story about a Smurf with a funny and iconic design. The stories are ocean-themed, such as a Smurf fishing or Smurfette diving with a turtle which is a reference to the Supporting Healthy Seas quality mark they carry. 

The premium collection 

The premium collection is a more basic yet colourful collection with on every sock a specific Smurf as an eye-catcher. They display the four most popular Smurfs in sizes 36-40 and 41-46. The premium collection also has the Supporting Healthy Seas quality mark which makes it a funny, iconic and sustainable collection. 

For questions about our unique Smurfs collection, please contact: