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Sustainability is in our DNA

Star Sock is committed to operate in the most sustainable way. Not only by implementing sustainable materials in our socks but also by looking at the social standards in our supply chain and the environmental impact of our packaging. 

Starsock - social production

For people and planet

Social production

As of November 2014, Star Sock is a member of the verification initiative Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). FWF is an independent, non-profit organisation that works with companies and factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers in production countries. 

We monitor the conditions in the factories we work with and improve unfair practices in close cooperation with our suppliers. We use the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) criteria to monitor and improve the activities in our ‘high-risk’ production facilities, such as China and Turkey. As an independent and objective third party, FWF checks if we indeed practice what we preach. 

You can read the Star Sock brand performance check by FWF here. Or read more about our social production in the latest Star Story report. 

Eco-friendly textiles

Sustainable materials

Although cotton is a natural product, it’s not quite an environmentally friendly fiber due to its high demand for water and pesticides. We are, therefore, choosing to use more and more recycled and organic cotton. With recycled cotton, flakes of ‘waste’ are used as the base material for regenerated cotton yarn. The recycled cotton displaces the need for virgin cotton and significantly reduces the environmental impact. In addition, we are increasing our use of certified organic cotton like GOTS, GRS and RCS. 

In order to create sustainable products, we work together with like-minded organisations that helps us to produce environmentally friendly-socks. 

Starsock - materials
Starsock - econyl

ECONYL® yarn

Another sustainable material we are very proud to use, is ECONYL® yarn. A high-quality Polyamide yarn made from nylon waste, such as spent fishing nets and others. In 2013, Star Sock co-founded the Healthy Seas initiative together with Aquafil and Ghost Diving in order to collect old fishing nets and turn them into ECONYL® yarn. 

Learn more about the initiative on 

Green lifestyle

Reducing environmental impact

We make social standard improvements in our supply chain, we use as much sustainable materials as we can, and we do not stop there. Sustainability is in our DNA and our head office shows it. The Star Sock head office is both innovative and sustainable, and was designed to reflect the ‘green lifestyle’ of Star Sock owners Eric and Angelie Roosen. The building supports an ingenious system, obtaining warmth from the ground and sun and reusing it within the building. The glass walls of the offices are built around an open inner courtyard, in which 9300 kWh of solar panels are installed. 

When working with us you can also expect packaging with the least environmental impact for the lowest price. We try to make smarter choices with our clients, for our planet. By for example using product labels made from of recycled cardboard or using the Eurolock rather than plastic hangers.

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