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Star Sock co-founder of the Healthy Seas initiative: how can you support our common goal?

When you have three organisations with a common goal to clean up our world’s oceans, what can they do to accomplish that? That’s right. They can start an initiative, and that is exactly what Star Sock, Aquafil, and Ghost Diving did when they founded the Healthy Seas initiative in 2013. 

The Healthy Seas initiative is committed to clean the seas to save marine life. It is estimated that each year around 640.000 tons of fishing gear are lost or abandoned in the seas and oceans, which injures and kills millions of marine animals on a yearly basis. The Healthy Seas initiative tackles this ghost fishing problem with cleanups, prevention, and education. 

Cleanups are organized by volunteer divers who recover ghost nets from reefs and shipwrecks. Prevention is often done in collaboration with fishermen, local communities and fish farms to prevent further pollution of the oceans. Lastly, the Healthy Seas initiative is often seen at schools to raise awareness about the environmental damage caused by ghost nets. 

With our own brand Healthy Seas Socks, Star Sock is able to give back to the Healthy Seas initiative by transforming the recovered ghost nets into comfortable socks and donating part of our profits to the initiative. In addition, Star Sock created the platform Supporting Healthy Seas so that private labels and brands can create their own socks out of recovered ghost nets.   

Want to know how you can support the Healthy Seas initiative? Take a look at our Healthy Seas Socks and Supporting Healthy Seas segments.