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Read the latest Star Sock news here on inspiring projects, sustainable developments and fruitful collaborations.

Starsock building topview

Building a sustainable building. Starsock did it!

If we tell you that the design of our building originated on a beer mat at the gym, you would think we were crazy. But nothing is less true!  Why
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The Smurfs x Star Sock

In the spotlight: The Smurfs x Star Sock

Once upon a time, the famous blue Belgian Smurfs exchanged their mushroom-like houses in Smurf Village for the Star Sock office. This is when we launched our official Smurfs collection
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WWF x Healthy Seas Socks limited edition collectie

Healthy Seas Socks partners up with WWF with limited edition collection: stronger together!

We are happy to announce that our own brand Healthy Seas Socks made a limited edition collection with the one and only World Wide Fund for Nature! Together with WWF
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Koos de koala star sock

Seen on Dragons’ Den: “Koos de Koala” partners up with Star Sock

If you’re a fan of the Dutch version of the popular TV show Dragons’ Den, then you probably have seen the successful pitch of “Koos de Koala” by Liselot Jansen
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New! Pick Your Socks: a sustainable personal choice gift concept.

One thing about socks is that they make for an excellent gift. Especially if those socks contribute to a positive impact on our planet, save marine life and support the
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eric roosen star sock

Star Sock co-founder of the Healthy Seas initiative: how can you support our common goal?

When you have three organisations with a common goal to clean up our world’s oceans, what can they do to accomplish that? That’s right. They can start an initiative, and
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