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Building a sustainable building. Starsock did it!

If we tell you that the design of our building originated on a beer mat at the gym, you would think we were crazy. But nothing is less true! 

Why sustainable building?
With the green background, it comes as no surprise that the owners of Starsock, Eric and Angelie Roosen, wanted the property to be completely sustainable. Green was important to them from an early age. Eric because of his family who had a nature centre and Angelie who could be found in her family’s vegetable gardens as a child. Green inspires and gives peace of mind and we thought that combination was important, says Angelie. Starsock was founded in 1996 and the aim was to build a fully sustainable building within 10 years. In 2006 the time had finally come. Building one of the first sustainable buildings in The Netherlands! 

The building process
After having rented an office building for years, it was time to start building ourselves. Angelie and Eric had already heard about the possibility of building a work property on an industrial estate in Oisterwijk and they did not want to pass up the opportunity. With an architect and also a friend of Angelie and Eric, they started brainstorming and the first design was created on a beer mat. A sustainable building that is characterized by a semi-circle. Also known colloquially as the ‘Teletubbies building’. The shape of the building has been adapted to the plot and is adjacent to the forest that lies next to it. In 2006 there was still little enthusiasm for sustainable building and it was mainly a matter of having confidence in the contractor and in the process.

Work environment
The building is sustainable and that is partly determined by the sun that does not shine inside. There are no windows on the outside and the roof has an insulating effect, keeping the heat inside. Smart investments were made that later turned out to have been beneficial. Starsock was very progressive for that time by being smart with energy. Not only for the building but also for the energy of the employees. Working in a pleasant environment was the main focus. Everything was discussed and employees were interviewed to determine what they found important about a workplace. One of those things that often came up was looking outside. The semicircle ensures that everyone can look at the inner garden from behind their desk, which can provide a form of peace.

When asked which word best describes the building process of the property, Eric is quick to answer: Trust. Trust that we can build, create and radiate something beautiful. Confidence in the contractor and the estimated delivery date. Namely 10 years after the start of Starsock in 1996. Angelie thinks about peace. The best compliment we receive is when customers, job applicants or others come in for the first time and say: ‘Oh, it’s nice and quiet here. I’m completely at peace here.’ Then your goal has really been achieved. After 10 years in this building, almost nothing has changed. Working every day with sustainable brands and our own sustainable brand ‘Healthy Seas Socks’ in a peaceful and inspiring building. This is exactly how we envisioned the property and we are more than proud that we succeeded!