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Surprisingly sustainable socks

At Star Sock, we offer an attractive sock assortment that matches our clients’ corporate identity and helps them to increase their competitive advantage.

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About us

A remarkable company with sustainability as its strength

At Star Sock we care about socks, about the people who wear them and the people who make them. We believe that success is not measured solely in money, but in the positive impact we have on those around us and our planet. We are passionate. We are pure. We challenge those around us to take responsibility for their ecological footprint. And we always strive to think outside the box to build a lasting business case for sustainable, good quality sock.


Caring for the people who wear and make our socks.


Taking responsibility for our ecological footprint.

Passion and excitement

Working together with passion and excitement in mind.


Adding value by thinking outside of the box.


Taking responsibility for our ecological footprint

We respect our environment and actively invest in preserving it for future generations to enjoy. We use less energy, less water, less chemicals, less packaging. Instead, we use more sustainable materials such as organic cotton and ECONYL® regenerated nylon Every step in the supply chain is made with our ecological footprint in mind.  

What can we do for you?

With more than 23 years of experience in our pocket, we don’t shy away from a challenge. 

Here are the top 5 segments that we cater to. Don’t see where you fit? 

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Healthy Seas Socks

In 2019 Star Sock launched its own brand Healthy Seas Socks with socks partially made of abandoned or lost fishing nets.

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Supporting Healthy Seas

With the Supporting Healthy Seas tagline, private labels and brands can create their own socks made of ECONYL® regenerated nylon and BCI cotton while supporting the Healthy Seas foundation.


Star Sock markets the sock proposition of various well-known brands; in different type of partnerships.

Private Label Workwear

Development and production of socks for private label workwear brands with key features such as functionality, quality, and sustainability.

Private Label Brands

Design, manufacturing, and quality control for private label brands in apparel, sport, and lifestyle.

Private Label Supermarket & Mass Market Retail

Design, manufacturing, and quality control of branded and private label sport/lifestyle socks in mass market retail.

Healthy Seas Socks

From fishing net
to sock

Star Sock founded the brand Healthy Seas Socks to save the ocean with soft and comfortable socks. In collaboration with the Healthy Seas initiative, Fishing nets recovered with other nylon waste are transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Healthy Seas Socks combines ECONYL® fiber with 100% organic GOTS cotton.

Star sock diver

Founding partner

Star Sock co-founder of Healthy Seas

Star Sock created the tagline Supporting Healthy Seas for private labels and brands. With the Supporting Healthy Seas tagline, you can make your own socks that are made of recovered fishing nets and BCI cotton. With these socks you contribute to a cleaner ocean and you support the Healthy Seas foundation.

Our partners

We believe in open and respectful collaborations that lead to better quality and a healthy and profitable way of doing business for everyone involved. 

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